Born in Opole (Poland). She studied at the Painting and Graphic Faculty of the Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź, she received her PhD in photography from The Film School in Łódź (in 2012).
Currently lives in Łódź, works in Strzemiński Academy of Art and runs Pure Research Studio - the space for artistic research and experiments.


The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź, Faculty of Graphic Art and Paiting, graduated in Studio of Applied Photography and Studio of Silkscreen, Łódź, PL
International School of Make-up Artist, Warsaw, PL
School of Fine Arts, Opole, PL

Shorlisted for Fotopublikacja 2021, PL (KOMCHA)
- Juror Award of Merit, International Fine Art Photography Competition, Paris, FR
Shortlisted for Grand Prix Fotofestiwal, Łódź, PL
- 2nd prize, 9th The Baltic States Biennial of Graphic Arts Kaliningrad - Koenigsberg 2008, RU
- Artistic Scholarship founded by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland
- 1st prize, 6th International Graphics Biennial, Liege, BE
- honourable mention, 9th International Graphics Biennial Caixanova, Ourense, ES
- Funded award, 6th Polish Print Triennial Katowice 2006
- 1st prize, 4th Tczew Triennial, Tczew, PL
- 1st prize of the Polish edition of the International Graphics Competition Network Baltic, organized by Grafikens Hus, SE
- 1st prize, Photography Competition, 2nd International Festival of Photography, Łódź, PL
- Funded award, 3th Student's Print Biennial, Poznań, PL
- Funded award, 2th Student's Print Biennial, Poznań, PL
- 2nd prize, The Strzemiński Competition for students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, PL
- Artistic Scholarship founded by Opole City Mayor, PL

Solo exhibitions:
- Model Room, W Gallery, University of Opole, PL (virtual exhibition)
- Styczność, A4 Gallery, University of Opole, PL
- Tunnel (A), Motyl UŁ, 21 Sienkiewicza Str., Łódź, PL
- Tunnel (B), the Karol Kretschmer tenement house, No 5 of 6 Sierpnia Str., Łódź, PL
- Exhibition view, Punkt Odbioru Sztuki, Łódź, PL
- Breeding, Art of Choice Gallery, Gdańsk, PL
- Holes, GEDOK Gallery, Stuttgart, DE
- The Lady, Mała Czarna Gallery, Łódź, PL
- Birthmark, Imaginarium Gallery, Łódź, PL
- Dominika Sadowska, 144 Grafiki Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts, Łódź, PL
- Dominika Sadowska, Studio 6, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, PL
- Insatiable perception, The Lodz Film School, Łódź, PL
- 0-8, Centre of Culture & Arts, Kalisz, PL
- Terytorium, Aneks Gallery, The Opole Contemporary Art Gallery, Opole, PL
- Untitled, Red Tree Gallery, Warszawa, PL
- Kollektion, Swop:art, Stockholm, SE
- Femmes, Impart Art Center, Wrocław, PL
- Friends, Opus Gallery, Łódź, PL
- Traces, FF Gallery, Łódź, PL
- Dominika Sadowska, Cabinet des Estampes et des Dessins, MAMAC, Liege, BE
- Dominika Sadowska - Graphics, Faculty of Visual Education's Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts, Łódź, PL
- Dominika Sadowska, Dom Muz Gallery, Toruń, PL

Duo exhibitions:

- Pure pleasure (with Magdalena Hlawacz), W Y Gallery / OFF Piotrkowska Gallery, Łódź, PL
- Autonom (with Karol Stolarek), the Sixth District, Łódź, PL
- The Waste (with Jacek Gmach), The Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic, Łódź, PL
- 1/1 (with Sergiusz Kuchczyński), Center for the Promotion of the Youth, Częstochowa, PL
- Transmutations (with Magda Wolnicka), Kravare chateau, CZ

Selected group exhibitions:
- Trisity###5, Tri-City Screen Printing Festival, Zbrojownia Sztuki, Gdańsk, PL
- Silence and anger, Akademy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, PL
- Tenderness, Sztuka na Miejscu, Wrocław, PL
- Time Dilations, Mediations Biennale Polska, ASP Gallery, Łódź, PL
- Polish Paradise Cabin: an exhibition, Kaunas Art Book Fair, Kaunas, LT
- Polish Paradise Cabin: an exhibition, Festival ManifestO, Photo Confluence of Toulouse, FR
- Threads and weaves, Fotosommer Stuttgart, Rathaus Stuttgart, DE

- So Far, Landskrona Foto, Landskrona, SE
- To the point, Kobro Gallery, Łódź, PL
- Relaxing music, W Y Gallery, Łódź, PL
- Between the nature and fiction, Spokojna Gallery, Warsaw, PL
- The Implant, Olimpus Gallery, Łódź, PL
- Synergy, BWA Gallery, Gorzów Wielkopolski, PL
- Elucidating, Imaginarium Gallery, Łódź, PL
- Minority, Museum of the Factory, Łódź, PL
- Utopia - dystopia - atopia, Academy of Fine Arts, Łódź, PL
- Exquisite corpse of polish photography, Awangarda BWA Gallery, Wroclaw, PL
- FOTO ASP LODZ, ASP Gallery, Łódź, PL
- Getto XXI, Monopolis, Łódź, PL
- Imprint - Kulisiewicz International Graphic Arts Triennial in Warsaw, PL
- Where is printmaking? In search of new meanings, Contemporary Art Gallery, Opole, PL
- I Am like This, the Sixth District, Łódź, PL
- Artists for Olinek, Profesjonalni Oprawcy Gallery, Łódź, PL
- Corset, Yes Gallery, Poznań, PL
- Main Exhibition of the International Print Triennial - Krakow 2012, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Krakow, PL
- Grand Prix of Young Polish Print, Containers, Krakow, PL
- Łódź in Wien, dasviadukt studio, Vienna, AT
- Pre-auction exhibition of 10th edition of the FOTOGRAFIA KOLEKCJONERSKA project, DAP 2 Gallery, Warsaw, PL
- Wunderkammer, artLOKAL, Opole, PL
- Open Exhibition, Central Museum of Textiles, Łódź, PL
- Department of Multimedia / Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź, Film Museum, Łódź, PL
- Phantasmatic Journeys, Zero Gallery, Berlin, DE
- The Identity of Photography, Kobro Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts, Łódź, PL
- Praising the Difference, AHEart Gallery, Łódź, PL
- Sulla fotografia, Spazio LABA Gallery, Brescia, IT
- Open Exhibition, Opus Gallery, Łódź, PL
- Grand Prix Fotofestiwal, Łódź Art Center, PL
- 6th Novosibirsk Graphic Art Biennial, Novosibirsk State Art Museum, RU
- A2 Łódź - Warszawa, -1 Gallery, Olympic Centre, Warszawa, PL
- Grafikens Hus Varutställning, Mariefred, SE
- Is it still Graphic Art or Already Photography? / International Print Triennial - Kraków 2009, Contemporary Art Gallery, Opole, PL
- 9th Biennial of Graphic Art of the Baltic States - Kaliningrad-Koenigsberg 2008, Kaliningrad Art Gallery, RU
- Myspace.ldz, project site-specific, Łódź, PL
- Comptoir d'Estampes, Galerie du Churchill, Liege, BE
- 2nd International Print Biennial Now Art Now Future, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, LT
- Graphics from Poland, Art and the Printing Press Cremona 2007, Civic Museum, Cremona, IT
- International Print Triennial Vienna 2007, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, AT
- 6th International Graphics Biennial, MAMAC, Liege, BE
- 9th International Graphics Biennial Caixanova, Centro Social, Ourense, ES
- Grafikens Hus Kollektion 2006, Grafikens Hus, Mariefred, SE
- Network Baltic's laureates exhibitions:
Kaiku Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, FI
KiT Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts, Trondheim, NO
Näitus Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts, Tallinn, EE
- Polen pa Nordens Ljus, Nordens Ljus Gallery, Stockholm, SE
- 13th International Print Biennial, Varna 2005, BG
- International Print Triennial, Horst-Janssen-Museum, Oldenburg, DE
- Network Baltic's laureates exhibitions:
Grafikens Hus, Mariefred, SE
Arboretrum Gallery, National Museum, Warszawa, PL
Gallery Kaire-Desine, Graphic Art Centre, Vilnius, LT
Kaiku Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, FI
- 5th International Print Triennial, Kraków, PL
Eurografik - European Culture Integration Brigde, Lawra Gallery, Kyiv, UA
- 4th International Print Triennial-Color in Graphic Art, Wozownia Gallery, Toruń, PL
- Etching versus digit, Contemporary Art Gallery, Opole, PL
- Network Baltic, on-line exhibition (part of the European Union Programme Culture 2000)
- 8th International Exhibition of Prints and Drawings Grafinnova 2002, Ostrobothnian Museum, Vaasa, FI
- Recommendations - Young Polish Print, Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków, PL

Selected publications

2020 KOMCHA / Dominika Sadowska / self-published
2018 Black / Dominika Sadowska / self-published
2017 Black is not / Dominika Sadowska / Strzemiński Academy of Art Lodz
2012 0-8 / Dominika Sadowska / Centre of Culture & Arts in Kalisz
2009 Traces / Dominika Sadowska / FF Gallery in Łódź
2008 Dominika Sadowska / Dominika Sadowska / Cabinet des Estampes et des Dessins de la Ville de Liege with the collaboration with Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Brussels